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Go Monkey is first a foremost a racing game. Racing games might be common, but it is not everyday that you get to bet on cute monkeys. This is why our number one concern is the safety of all our players and why we make sure to check the safety protocols and licensing of all the online casinos we cooperate with in detail. In an ever growing industry, the competition is fierce and the casinos have to give more and more back to the players in order to keep them playing. Contact your local Monkey Joe's for pricing.

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Mixing the worlds of online and live casinos, these games give you the opportunity to get the best of both worlds without having to travel to a live casino that may be miles away.

It all begins on the pre-race screen, which is where you land once the game has loaded on your machine. There, choose a pair of monkeys which you believe is most likely to come in first and second positions in the race.

You can check out the odds attached to each monkey to figure out what the stakes are. Needless to say that if the most unlikely pair wins, and you had put your money on them, the rewards will be much more sizable.

Taking risks does pay in Go Monkey. At every turn, you can bet either 1, 5 or 10 coins. So while cuteness is still a factor in the game, it is also in your best interest to try and pick the pair most likely to win for starters, and then make your way to riskier bets later in the game. Besides, there are a few special features in Go Monkey that can help you turn the odds into your favor.

Go Monkey does not have special symbols like in more classic games, but the game still includes a handful of surprises that can spice up the race a little. For instance, once you have placed your bets on a race, you can play the baccarat option and bet on a favorable outcome for either the player, the banker or a tie. Simply click the corresponding icons on the top of the game screen to place your extra bet and increase your potential payouts.

The free monkey bonus can happen randomly and adds an extra monkey to the winning combination of any given race. As a result, your chances of having placed your money on a winning monkey increase and bring you one step closer to the jackpot. Finally, the game also features a so-called jackpot bonus. Like the free monkey, this feature is triggered randomly during a race.

When it does so, fireworks are launched all over the screen and all your payouts for that race are instantly multiplied by either 3, 4 or 5. A nice and free way to win even more money in a single turn. Go Monkey is a quite unique online betting game that will have you rethink your very concept of the genre. Racing games might be common, but it is not everyday that you get to bet on cute monkeys.

The stakes are quite high and some winning pairs can multiply your bet by or even 1,, if luck is on your side of course.

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