List of fastest production cars by acceleration

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 21 September Times sourced for example by Car and Driver , are modified artificially using computer software after the drive test is complete, to theoretically account for how the car would have performed differently given different weather conditions. This is not necessarily the model year of any driven car, the year when testing was performed, the year during which owners took first delivery of the model, the year it was unveiled, or when it was built.

Some are produced in limited number associated with an increase in value , and those limited production numbers, if any, are stated. For Tesla, the "model year" of any given car is the same as the calendar year that the car was produced but changes and updates, both in hardware and software, are pushed out whenever they are deemed ready. That said, for the purposes of this list, the "earliest model year of the car that can claim all its following listed data" as per the note at the top of the "Year" column is technically for the Model S PD and the Model X PD since that is when the kWh battery option was introduced even though the software update that made it possible to achieve the times currently listed was only released in No modification by either professional tuners or individuals is necessary.

The data shows the fastest quarter-mile run declining by For reference, the National Hot Rod Association allows a 1. Time factory driven one year before production start. Cars portal Technology portal Lists portal. Archived from the original on 7 August Retrieved 8 August Archived from the original on 28 April Retrieved 21 April Retrieved 12 April Retrieved 11 April Retrieved 7 February Retrieved 11 January Retrieved 7 April Retrieved 17 November Retrieved 19 December Retrieved 23 February Retrieved 10 October Retrieved 1 May Retrieved 20 April Retrieved 20 April — via youtube.

First Hybrid with CV - Ferrari. Retrieved 23 April Retrieved 18 April Retrieved 21 June Retrieved 30 April Retrieved 29 April Price - Engine - Specs". Retrieved 13 April Retrieved 24 April Retrieved 22 January Retrieved 15 April