What Is the New York State 5-Hour Prelicensing Course?

Want us to mail you your license directly? W hen traveling overseas, carry an International Driving Permit We found the right fit! Please note some areas may have a later start date advised: Most courses will have both lectures and films that highlight the rules of the road.

How Much Does It Cost to Register for a DMV Driving Test?

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Your instructor will also give you a hours of training recommendation. Learning to drive is a one time investment in yourself. Do not cheat yourself by trying to cut corners; your success and future safety is important to us.

Check out our video below Tuesdays or Thursdays 5: Schedule varies Make sure you bring your valid N. Click here to schedule a class or for more info Enter answer here. These fast road test dates are not easy to find but we have a team of staff members that can scan the DMV system for you until they find one. We have a service which can get you a date in 10 days or less instead of the week waiting period. Call us at to discuss this further. To reduce up to 4 points off your driving record you can take the course every 18 months.

You can take this course online or at one of our Queens, Brooklyn, and Bronx locations. The 5 hour Pre-licensing Class must be completed by first time license applicants. The 5 hour class is part lecture, part film, and breaks in between. By taking this class you will be issued the MV certificate which is needed in order to schedule your Road Test. Click here to schedule the class Enter answer here. It will allow you and your instructor to identify and focus on the areas you need work on: Brake , steering, gas, and signaling.

How far and fast the car moves. Where, when, and how to observe. Develop Judgment through structured experiences and repetition. Casino Dealer - Blackjack Academy: Good mental math skills are needed to be successful in this career program.

Must pass a drug test and criminal background check to be licensed as a casino dealer. Required for Casino Dealer — Blackjack Academy: Successful applicants will register for classes at the session. Optional for Casino Poker Dealer: Advanced screening is not required, but applicants are welcome to attend the monthly Hospitality Information sessions. I bought the gold package and went from no experience driving to licensed driver in just three months. I took one lesson a week.

Your first few lessons will be in a quiet neighborhood progressing to the busy streets of flatbush. The system is very advanced. To book a lesson, you go onto the driverite website and pick the time you want your lesson. It gets very busy so you have to book your lesson about one week ahead. You can take your lesson at either location. The office is also very clean and there is always the front desk who is ready to answer any questions.

Would you like to read our driving student testimonials? We provide a reputable and professional service that aims to give you the confidence to pass your road test and drive safely on the roads. Need to book a rush road test? Schedule Your Driving Lesson. Course Helper If you are human, leave this field blank. What is your goal? Improve My Driving Skills. Meet Employer Mandated Training. Get US Drivers License. How old are you?

Have you Completed a Drivers Ed Program? No, I have not. I am 25 or Older. Do You Have a Drivers License? What is your current age? What Does The Court Require? I need a Driving Assessment. I am an Employer.

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