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So the guy who told you not to play online blackjack is a Bodog representative? Blackjack is a card game that pits you against the Dealer in a battle of the better hand. Bodog has a combination of software that it uses to power its website. If you do use the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin really is the way to go. I play Bet at the same time and found it to be very natural exactly same as what happens in the real world. I played at Bodog, having followed the link off of the Wizard of Odds web site.

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Blackjack Online Bodog

Half your bet will be returned to you and the round will end. Every hand combination vs. Dealer upcard possible has been analyzed by experts for optimal results. All you need to do is memorize the prescribed action for every scenario. These strategy charts can be found online and in casino gift shops. The actions vary depending on the number of decks being used and whether the Dealer hits or stands on soft 17s.

Put up a chart by your computer and use it while playing Blackjack on Practice Play mode. Soon enough, the actions will become second nature to you. When you go to a brick-and-mortar casino, you may only have one or two options for Blackjack games.

If you play Blackjack online, however, it broadens your options substantially. Our most popular version is our six-deck Blackjack , which is simply called Blackjack. When looking at all the options, this version is the one with a blue background although you can change the background color. You can also choose between three different styles for the deck of cards, and use toggles for sound, music and labels. In addition to offering the rules in the game menu, there are also three tutorials to help you learn more about Blackjack.

In second-place on the Blackjack popularity rankings, we have Single Deck Blackjack. Our online version of Single Deck Blackjack uses the standard 3: Even with a progression being played, there's still a mightly low probability of a result like this happening without some influencing factor.

On the WoO chart appendix 12 on the site it shows a 0. This is what set the alarm bells ringing. First of all thank you for your replies. Special thanks to the Bodog representative here - what a surprise! I believe Bodog Blackjack cheats. For example, dealer's small cards are not only safe, but often turn into a powerful hand to beat the player I often have only to see dealer's 6 or 5 becomes 21 to win.

Also, when I increase my bet, the dealer always wins. After a long winning streak, you are almost doomed to have a very long losing streak ridiculously long, to be more accurate. Besides, I lose much quicker when I bet huge using the same bet spread and same strategy. Their rules should have a lower than 0. I play Bet at the same time and found it to be very natural exactly same as what happens in the real world.

I use the exactly the same bet strategy to play Bet and can play much longer there with my budget every time. With Bodog BJ, I simply never feel safe, because all my chips have been wiped out very quickly many many times, especially when I bet big. They have similar HE 0. I do believe the software has been manipulated based on my personal experience.

It is especially obvious when you compare it to Bet or land based casinos. We do know that the online BJ games are negative ev games?

I don't play online but it is my understanding that the BJ games are shuffled after every hand and they should be truly random. Truly Random is not a BJ players friend. Besides that, I would be hesitant to play anything like blackjack against a computer. Tooo many ways to manipulate the game. I'm not accusing anyone of cheating, but I do know the opportunity is there and at some point somebody will rationalize a reason to exploit the opportunity.

You can have a game checked twice a week and it prove good, but who knows what code comes and goes from time to time. I would be very surprised if Bodog cheats.

QFIT , Oct 19, I would like to hear Ken's comment on Bodog BJ. Would you recommend it? KenSmith , Oct 19, So the guy who told you not to play online blackjack is a Bodog representative? I hope you lose all your money online You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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